Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm very fond, for whatever reason, of the little blue church on Corné Street. It's a spot I pass frequently on foot and find myself wondering: Who was Sybil Thomas?? When did she live there?? What's it like to live in a church?? (I suppose I could ask the college kids who are the current tenants.) And what does that mean, exactly: First Lutheran Church?? I don't imagine for one second that it's the first Lutheran church ever — though one never knows, given Newport's religious history — but that it's "First Lutheran" in the same way one might see "First National Bank" or "First National Supermarket." (Where I grew up, I seem to recall the latter was a chain name.) It's a generic name, in other words — the "first" aspect of it, anyway. Maybe even a misleading name — rather like Via Via's claim to offer "the best seafood in town." Can that really be?? Who knows?? And who's to say?? All I know is that I get warm-and-fuzzy feelings, especially in the recent heat, walking down that particular side street looking up at that microcosmic architectural wonder with its assorted-if-not-terribly-complicated windows, arches, angles and eaves. It has a single (silent) bell, though it's easy to miss it. The color itself is cozy, even happy (despite blueness), if in need of a touch-up ...

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