Saturday, January 8, 2011


I was walking around downtown the other night — I never know quite where I'm going 'til I get there — and came upon, well, not much of anything. The streets were deserted: no traffic, few people. Lights were still lit (lighted?), but they weren't shedding much light or warmth or anything upon anything, given there wasn't much of anything upon which to shed light (yes, I realize I'm going in circles here). Seriously, there weren't even any skaters skating round & round at the Skating Center on America's Cup (sigh). Just some tracks-of-sorts indicating that the zamboni had finished its circular (or, more accurately, ovalesque) business for the night.

There's something sad about lights still lit, or just hanging around, after it's over (isn't there?). After the holidays are over, I mean. And the skating, too...

Which reminded me of something. Of two things, actually: one past tense (click to see), one more recent, but both somewhat gut-wrenching in their reminiscence of a certain after-the-fact feeling of unplugged emptiness and renewed loss (if there is such a thing) around here ...

It's a pair of skates ... get it??
(Sorry, couldn't resist.)