Monday, May 23, 2011


I set off to the grocery store earlier this evening with that perennial question in mind: What's for dinner?

I never know 'til I get there, but then — more often than not — I arrive at the same answer: fish.

It was a gray walk to the store, I must say — this has been quite a gray stretch. And I was feeling rather blue, if you'll excuse one more reference to color, just because I feel the need to do SOMETHING to brighten things up around here ....

Anyway, fish in hand (or bag, to be precise), I was headed home when I felt a strange vibration or buzz in my pocket that turned out to be my cellphone, for which I fumbled unsuccessfully, and by the time I found it — my jacket has too many pockets! — it had stopped buzzing. Lo and behold, however, I had a text message from a friend and sometimes-walking-companion, who must have been walking past my home (where I wasn't) at that precise moment.

It said: "Your pink dogwood is beautiful."

To which I replied, painstakingly, because mine is a decidedly un-smart phone: "Thank you!"

And then I felt better ....

OK, I admit it: that pink sky wasn't tonight — no such delight in sight. And the pink-tongued pup? That's Snooter; he's frequently tethered outside the grocery store waiting for his person. I included Snooter because of the dogwood (get it?). And just because ...