Friday, June 3, 2011


Last weekend may have been the big occasion, but this weekend brought the BIG BOATS. And Mr. Betty did me the huge favor of capturing at least one of them in its entirety just as the sun was starting to set ...

I'd gone down to the Shipyard earlier (at MB's suggestion) to take a peek at Maltese Falcon — a seriously impressive bird. But I got so drawn in and dizzy (!) staring up at her big black hull and her three ribbed masts from the outermost dock that I never thought to venture the short distance around the corner for a full view from the Goat Island causeway.

What can I say? Long day.

Anyway, no sooner had I gotten home (after failing to capture the big picture) than I noticed a shot of the Falcon on the fly on Facebook. Now that I've seen her, I'd know her anywhere. She's hard to miss, unlike Darling Daughter, whom we'll miss in a big way 'cause she's leavin' (on a jet plane) day-after-tomorrow for a big trip that involves crossing the ocean ...

With thanks to Mr. Betty for the big picture of the Shipyard (and in general) and to Jeremy Smith for the one involving NY Harbor. By the looks of things on Facebook, Jeremy is a deckhand aboard Maltese Falcon. Cool.