Thursday, December 1, 2011

merry merry

The tree lighting in Washington Square took place earlier this evening ... and we missed it. Mr. Betty's out of town; I plum (plumb?) forgot.

We did, however, manage to take in the very first (at least I think it was the first) event of the holiday season last Friday, being Black Friday, which sounds way too sinister if you ask me, even if it makes good sense/cents in an accounting sort of way. Seriously, why not call it Green Friday? Green would connote money and profitability just as well as black, wouldn't it? And holiday cheer at the same time?

But back to the first event, being the illuminated boat parade around Newport Harbor on what turned out to be a PERFECT day and night, weather-wise. Everything-wise, really. Both Darling Daughter and Super Son were home for Thanksgiving. And both had friends head to the City by the Sea on Friday evening to join them for the well-lit affair and whatever activities arose afterward.

Which in this case included an after-party — after the parade, not after the bars closed (that'd be way too late for me & Mr. Betty) — aboard a pirate ship followed by burgers & beer at Pour Judgment.

Pretty cool that the vessel – the historic Sloop Providence, built as a replica for the occasion of Tall Ships '76 (something I remember well, which is rather alarming) — was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. "Dead Man's Chest," in the interest of specificity. We had occasion to climb aboard and hang out with the crew at some point during the summer, too ...

And then today, almost a whole week later (where did it go?) and just a few hours prior to the official Christmas in Newport kickoff at the aforementioned tree-lighting ceremony, I saw a guy waist-deep and wading farther into the now-empty harbor off King Park with all his foul gear on. Must say, it was alarming, even moreso than forgetting the tree-lighting, and brought to mind extreme if not desperate poor judgment.

I finally called out (there was no one else in sight), "Everything OK?"

At which he turned, waved and said, "Yeah, it's just crabs."

Glad that's settled ....