Wednesday, September 1, 2010


And on Sunday — after Jaws on Friday night and that delightful day of sailing on Saturday — we went power-boating, which was delightful in a different way, as we covered more ground (oops, water) by venturing down the coast a short way to Point Judith. We'd gotten a tip from Larry, Oldport launch-driver extraordinaire, that anchoring just behind the jetty to play in the water and maybe even spend the night was a must-do.

So we did — though we didn't spend the night.

And Larry was right — it's a great place for playing. And swimming. And splashing. And beaching. And fishing. And just generally chillin' (there's even a sandbar) on a perfect perfect Sunday afternoon.

We weren't alone, of course; boats and people were everywhere. At Point Judith and across the pond (in the real sense) in Narragansett, wherein lie both Jerusalem and Galilee (click here for the quasi-biblical backstory). Disturbingly enough, I noticed several boats — serious fishing boats and less-serious fishing boats — rather reminiscent of Quint's ill-fated boat in Jaws. I couldn't help it; it's hard to forget Jaws. It's also hard to forget a few of the boat names that passed our way throughout the day ...

Just thought I'd throw in one sailboat for good measure, as it's a lovely name, a lovely stern, and I'm partial to wordplay (had you gathered??) not to mention potentially-multiple meanings. Also, generally speaking, the tradition of naming boats for women strikes me as endearing. (Are they named for mothers?? wives?? girlfriends?? daughters??)

And, later, I emailed several images to Super Son (despite his being a boy), who did not have the good fortune to be on the water over the weekend. He replied, "Haha. That's pretty good [referring to Boatox]. And I like Devocean, too ... "