Monday, September 13, 2010


I've encountered some unexpected sights over the past week or two, starting with the Christmas Party (on Labor Day) at the West Wind Marina. Then there was the Segway tour on Bellevue. Then there was Viewport ...

I was riding my bike along Wellington past the harbor and King Park on Saturday when I stopped short to avoid a trolley. In so doing, I noticed an ongoing art installation, i.e., it was in the process of installation: Viewport, from which one can view the port (of course). With so many people busy in so many ways on that perfect-if-cool day, the scene reminded me of that old song "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago. And, no, I didn't really care what time it was ... remember that one, too??

Seriously, there was yoga — at least I think it was yoga. Frisbee — no question about that. Moms (and dads) sitting on benches and/or bent over their young ones. I even saw an old tree that somehow had kept growing (what else could it do??) over a street sign, though I really couldn't see what the sign said.

Not to be confused with what "the man" said ... oops, that was Paul McCartney.

Then I saw a friend — I hardly recognized him behind his sunglasses, beneath a black hat. I teased him about it: the look and the hat, which he said his kids had given him.

Those were the days (my friend) ... or were they??