Thursday, October 14, 2010


I got a really nice e-mail message from a friend-of-a-friend. I know her, actually, from a distance. A great distance, as she was writing from South Africa, where her fiancé is working on a boat-building project. But she used to be (still is??) from Newport; her son was in Darling Daughter's class. She said she misses "home." And she sent me a seagull pic, taken at Second Beach. How cool is that?? She even told me I could use it, if I felt it was "up to par." Up to par?? I don't even golf ... but I sure did appreciate her words and the sheer fact that she took the time to send them. And the pic. And here it is:

Now you tell me: whose pic is up to whose par?? Sandra Hale (that's this friend-of-a-friend's name) has me beat by a long shot. I do recall taking some shots involving clams at one point, way back when, but there's no comparison.

And, Sandra, just so you know: it was beautiful here today — clear, blue, warmish, wonderful — but it's forecast to be misty & rainy (clammy??) tomorrow and for the next few days, just like in your pic, which is so beautiful despite, or maybe because of, foggy conditions and subsequent lack of horizon ...