Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So many clams ... and my shopping has just begun. I finally felt the crunch of the holiday deadline yesterday and dashed downtown to some of my favorite shops, where I threw money at the problem (or that's how it felt). And not the best way to solve the problem, but the best way to put a few presents under the tree. The shopkeepers made a quick killing, at my expense.

And so many clams — or clamshells, to be accurate — on First Beach. I couldn't walk without crunching them underfoot. My husband, Mr. Betty (who likes the name Mr. Betty, believe it or not, and I figure I've taken his name all these years, so he can take mine in this one little instance), said he'd read something in the paper that there was some sort of unexplained "kill." How sad. Maybe the clams couldn't handle snow on the beach for some reason. It is weird — snow on the beach — but why would that make a difference to a clam??

In any event, the seagulls were making a killing, at the clams' expense ...