Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I went out this morning with the express purpose of visiting a telephone pole. Weird, I know. But I had noticed it on a bike ride last week, and I'm quite sure it wasn't always there, or I'd have noticed it sooner ... wouldn't I?? Maybe, maybe not. It's easy to miss the stuff that's closest to home.

The intersection at Surfers' End is in Middletown, of course, not Newport — although it's fair to say the two towns are joined at the hip. Like a ship. The whole of Aquidneck Island is joined, linked, one, afloat together (sort of) ... aren't we?? That's my interpretation, anyway.

And how to interpret the naming of these streets?? What does it imply, exactly?? To my mind, either Surfers' End or St. George's in the background or the telephone pole itself just became a much more significant earthly spot. It's certainly a beautiful spot, for a street intersection.

And above the corner, beside the road — where Purgatory flows steeply, uncontrollably down to join Paradise, which puzzles me symbolically (I'll have to think about it further) — there's a cluster of benches. I've seen this spot and these benches hundreds of times, but I don't think I've ever stood there/here ... so I stood. One bench in particular invited me to sit, so I sat.

Brrrrr — the bench was chilly.

Aaahh — the view was divine.

Then there was the view of this morning's surfer/swimmers headed out toward Elephant Rock in a calm sea ...