Thursday, December 10, 2009

wait a minute

Skies are not always blue (duh). And it's bizarre how moods so directly correlate to the weather — isn't it?? That we have a sunnier outlook when the sun is shining??

It reminds us (or me, since I can't speak for you) that we're simple creatures, when the fact is that gray days can be great days, depending on what you're trying to do or get done. I guess they just take some sort of preparation or adjustment — I guess, as I have no idea or actual basis for commentary. I'm just as blue (blue?) as the next guy/girl/gull on a gray or truly rainy day.

Yesterday was a truly rainy day. It started as a slushy day — I wouldn't call it snow, although a few miles north in Portsmouth, where I met a friend for coffee, there was a slick covering of something wet and white. Yes, the driving was dicey, but some things are worth the risk ...

Then I busied myself with the usual activities: chores, errands, "work" of various sorts ... like tying a few dried starfish onto a plain green wreath with fishing line. We missed the annual wreath sale at the carousel down at First Beach on Saturday — imagine, just for a second, people lined up outside the garage-style doors pawing the ground in itching anticipation of the doors' opening so they can dash around looking for the perfect size and color scheme and degree of adornment. It's not fashion, mind you, it's philanthropy (of a modest sort). And it's wonderful. The wreaths are amazing. But we missed it ... hence the dried starfish.

And that brings me right back to my rainy (in every way) day, the highlight of which — after coffee — may have been lunch ...