Monday, December 21, 2009

black and white

My daughter's last comment to her 800+ Facebook friends before heading home from her semester abroad was, "Snow in London?!?" As one of those 800+ friends, I responded by asking her to bring it (the snow) home with her. Ask and ye shall receive ... sometimes. Nearly two feet fell here in Newport the day after she arrived. And while the magically wintery images around town were really something, the buried elements of summer were something else — to my mind, anyway, as I ventured out on my own heavily socked-and-booted two feet.

Traipsing around knee-deep on the docks was weird. A guy who lives year-round aboard a vintage wooden sailboat invited me to help with his shoveling.

"No, thanks," I told him. I'd spent the morning on our driveway, and the sidewalks remained to be done. But the dock, I guess, is his sidewalk ... and he has neighbors, just as we (all) do, including some with differing aesthetics ... though who's to judge??