Thursday, December 24, 2009

holiday wonder

Okay, I give up ... what's a yule stump? Why do I care? Why should you care? And, while I'm wondering stuff, why did Santa Claus crash his historic (that's how we say "old" in Newport) truck into the back of my car as I sat stopped at a red light outside Flo's Clam Shack yesterday on my way home from a completely unnecessary trip to Staples? And why was Santa so visibly upset as he frantically fingered his long white hair and beard flowing from beneath his red hat with fuzzy trim waiting for the police to arrive? I mean, no one was hurt (!!) ... least of all the little elf/grandson who hopped out of Santa's big gray truck with a small rolling suitcase and walked away. Down the street. All by himself. What was that all about? Is Santa in some sort of trouble? Under-insured? Over-extended? Hiding a fugitive? Is he afraid he'll lose his license at his age? Wasn't Mrs. Claus going to be upset when the elf/grandson arrived home on foot? Was the elf/grandson headed home, or were he and Santa on their way to the bus or train (or sleigh) station? Were they now going to miss that bus or train or sleigh? Was the elf/grandson now walking to catch the bus, train or sleigh? Was Santa so upset because he's just too busy on Christmas Eve Eve for such unfortunate happenings? Or is it precisely such unfortunate happenings that remind him/me/anyone of what really matters, on Christmas Eve Eve or any other day of the year??

Seriously, I found myself apologizing to the upset Santa — who hit me from behind. Then I drove away with a shattered rear window and crunched bumper to hug my own elves all safe and warm and home for the holidays ...

And what will tomorrow bring??

A yule stump??

Looks more like Patagonia than the Bahamas or Brighton — doesn't it??

Stumps (and other lovely stuff) aside, how about some blue skies??

That'd be plenty.