Sunday, November 14, 2010


I had every intention of gathering a few thoughts about the weekend — what a beauty! — but ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, I just spoke with Darling Daughter, age 19, who's in the midst of choosing courses for next semester and deciding her major, and it brought to mind a boat ride Mr. Betty and I took on Saturday. We passed under all three bridges separating Aquidneck Island from the mainland (i.e., Rhode Island from Providence Plantations) in the process of taking our happy little boat from Newport — where the harbor is looking really empty — to Tiverton for her long winter's nap. And we were zipping past a buoy all too quickly just like we zip past most things all too quickly or maybe just without thinking about them sufficiently when I saw something and said, "Wait, turn around, go back!!" And we did.

If only one could really go back ...