Sunday, November 7, 2010


Everything is upside down;
everything used to be so simple.

I know that's not true — and it makes me sound really old to say such a thing (akin to saying "those were the days") — but that's how stuff seems in hindsight, doesn't it?? At least that's what I was thinking the other day as I rode my bike back from Sachuest Point against a very stiff breeze along that long, straight stretch beside the beach before shifting gears to climb the short, steep, bend up Purgatory toward home.

Except I wasn't ready to go home quite yet, so I pulled into the vast (and even more vast without cars) parking lot at Second Beach to peer through some beat-up (played??) volleyball nets ...

... and then again at First Beach to ponder a bit more upside-down and/or empty and/or played stuff. There's nothing emptier (that I can think of at this moment) than an empty playground. The whole town is somewhat of an empty playground at present ... not that empty is all bad. And the playground isn't entirely empty (click below to see what I mean).

It's late — despite that extra hour's sleep — so I can't get into it any further, not that it warrants getting into. Suffice it to say: It strikes me as all-too-true what they say about hindsight.

And maybe (maybe) it's important to note that there's no sign saying "kids only" at the playground ...