Sunday, December 12, 2010


Oh, the weather outside is (I hate to say it) frightful. Or, more accurately (as I'm not afraid of wind and rain so much as depressed by it), dreadful. Maybe it'll snow soon; that'd be delightful (don't you think?). Meanwhile, I set off this evening in search of holiday cheer after seeing an intriguing light display from the Pell Bridge as Mr. Betty and I were headed back from yonder shores (being Warwick and Cranston), where we engaged in Round One of marginally-successful holiday shopping (gasp, we should have shopped locally, though in truth I did a fair amount of that yesterday). Anyway, right there beside the bridge (just to the North) is a decorated dock worth noticing (in my opinion). It wasn't until I'd figured out how to get there (it's a little tricky) and was standing looking right at it that I realized (ding!) it was in fact a likeness of the bridge. Some things (even obvious things) take an alarmingly long time to realize. And, after that, I figured I'd just keep going, in search of more holiday spirit, as it was otherwise so dis-spiriting in the wind and rain, especially after a comparatively beautiful day yesterday when (it's hard to believe now) I took a bike ride around Ocean Drive (in response to Mr. Betty's wise words: "Whenever you get a bike ride in December, it's a bonus). And, just past Hammersmith Farm, I happened upon a mother and child ...