Monday, June 11, 2012


I like to think I have good intentions.  I mean, I do have good intentions for the most part, especially on Mondays when a whole new week filled with the promise of time (precious time) to get everything done stretches ahead on the calendar. There's no erasing the past, of course, including what may or may not have gotten done during the weeks and weekend just prior. Not that anyone should want to erase the past ... OK, certain aspects of it.

This past weekend, though, was a BEAUTY.  All manner of boats, big and small, modest and otherwise, were out on the bay as participants in the New York Yacht Club's Annual Regatta presented by Rolex.  Other boats were just tooling around, in the harbor and elsewhere, including a collection of Beetle Cats recently built and launched by students at IYRS (the International Yacht Restoration School). After a long gray stretch, all this was particularly sweet. Even the lost shoes ... leftover from a hopping Saturday night??

My impulse — as a person of good intentions, and that includes picking up litter — was to place them in the nearest trash can.  But I didn't do it, because I thought maybe-just-maybe someone would realize they were missing something and come back looking for them. Which reminded me of something (someone) left behind on a bench at the corner of Bellevue and Memorial last summer ...

And here we are again.

Summer ......