Monday, July 2, 2012

the cup

I tend to start each day telling myself (in spirit if not in actuality), "OK, today I will get my life organized."  But, of course, that doesn't happen.  It'll never happen. It's just way too beautiful out there, and there's way too much going on in the way of worthy distraction. Take this weekend, for instance. Newport hosted the America's Cup ... sort of.  It was actually the America's Cup World Series. Totally different animal.  A mere preamble (a very cool global preamble) to the real deal, set to take place in San Francisco in the coming year. Still, who can resist? So I hopped on my bike — despite having so much other stuff I really could/should have been accomplishing, and having already experienced the AC spectacle from the water a day prior — and pedaled out to Fort Adams to soak up the scene. Along the way, I passed some kids who had set up a lemonade stand.  I stopped, as it was hot, and lemonade struck me as just the thing. The cost was 75 cents.  So I handed this cute young girl wearing a red-checkered apron (with pockets! how practical!) a dollar and said what seemed the only natural thing to say: "Keep the change."

And that got me thinking ... about the America's Cup and all manner of things.  There's been so much talk about how "it's just not the same" and "remember when?" But perhaps keeping/embracing the change isn't such bad advice, to oneself or to anyone else.

And making lemonade is pretty sweet, too ...