Tuesday, June 8, 2010

backpedaling II

Big day ahead —
not much time at my disposal.
I will say: The bike ride went on!!

Beyond yesterday's "Shoreline Public Access" point and up Old Mill Lane to Wapping, the sights and surroundings became more varied, more mixed-use. I spied a calf then his or her big-horned daddy. Assorted business ventures. A few all-too-familiar signs that take on new meaning when traveling slowly ... like on a bike.

Then a bit farther along, more cows: frisky ones. (I averted my eyes, all the while realizing without friskiness there could be no calves.) And, finally, a tired-looking mommy cow, up-close and personal ...

I wanted to get all the way to Sandy Point, where there's a serious hill, although I hadn't decided if I'd go down it ... but the sky started looking really threatening and thunder was rumbling closer and closer. Usually these storms blow North toward Providence, but not today. Or so it appeared.

This could get dangerous!!
That's me, talking to myself as I rode.
And this is obnoxious, but that's all for today ...