Thursday, June 17, 2010


As I zipped down & around the last corner on my way home from a bike ride out & around Ocean Drive on Sunday, I was thinking about privacy. (Or exclusivity, maybe??) How the Swiss Village is open to the public only once per year. How they must be having quite an event behind the terracotta-topped fence at Harbour Court this weekend. How much I love that long dock at Ida Lewis where people load and lug their baggage — sails, more likely — down to the rocky island at the end where the view is unquestionably among the best in town. Not that I get there too often (we aren't members), but I get there occasionally with friends. And I'm not knocking privacy (or exclusivity). Really, I'm not.
I was also thinking about moorings ... just as I passed a guy who looked to be setting up the music for some impending nuptials at the gazebo in King Park. What a nice spot for a wedding!! How well I remember walking down the aisle ... although Mr. Betty's and my wedding was inside (at a church just a few blocks from here come to think of it), so we didn't have to hold down that unruly white runner with rocks.
Then I remembered some other rocks at the other end of King Park; I'd seen them on a day just a few months ago when the harbor was seriously gray and very nearly empty of boats. I'd never noticed these particular rocks — they're just rocks — but the tide was low, and the absence of boats made the presence of rocks more apparent. And just when I started feeling a little bit teary about that (time gone by, etc.), I started to laugh ... at the sight of a woman zipping by on a scooter while her dog ran alongside, for obvious reasons. It may have been dangerous (isn't everything??), but it was creative.
And that's precisely what she said as she passed by and I said to her, "I'm sorry, but that's funny."
She laughed back (despite cast), saying, "Sometimes you have to get creative."

p.s. Just a reminder, to the extent it matters (and it's quite a statement if you think about it): all snapshots get bigger if you click on them ...