Tuesday, October 4, 2011


How auspicious that I happened upon someone playing with letters at the playground behind Cardines Field yesterday.

I was on my way to Ten Speed Spokes to get my bike fixed; Mr. Betty said it was time for a new chain. And there was this guy, amusing himself as his kids played on the see-saw, slides, etc. He had written "L" then "O" and it looked like there was space for two more letters, so I figured I knew where he was going with it. Thing is: When I passed by the playground 30 minutes or so later (after the bike shop), the guy and his fam were gone and that's as far as he'd gotten. "LO."

So I finished it off for him. Or maybe for me. Or maybe for the two teenage girls having some after-school fun on those spring-y animals, cars, whatever they are. You know the ones. You climb aboard and rock/ride aggressively back and forth, back and forth. Darling Daughter used to love that particular playground feature, although not at this particular playground, which wasn't here (and nor were we) when she was a tot ...

But, wait, why was all this auspicious?
"Coincidental" may be the simpler/better word ...

Because today is Mr. Betty's and my anniversary. That's right: 10/4, good buddy. I'm referring to the date, albeit in CB-radio parlance, as that's a handy way to remember it, remembering being extra important this year as it's a pretty significant anniversary, bringing to mind that day & date all those years ago when we had our nuptial shindig right here in this very old port of Newport (ha).

Seriously, one sees so many couples celebrating their big day(s) in these parts, and way back when we were one of them.

Anyway, we're figuring on going to the White Horse Tavern tonight, as we've never been there. I know, I know, that's hard to imagine — and, come to think of it, it's not even true. We have been to the bar at the White Horse but never ponied up for the whole dinner scene. It's about time, right?

Now that's true.

And it's kinda funny, or so it strikes me, that the only "new" place we could think of to go — that being the trick, right? — is the oldest place in town.

That said, I think the real trick is the other way around, i.e., doing the same ol' stuff you've done dozens if not hundreds of times before yet thanks to some combination of memory (or lack thereof), practice, will and maybe even illusion — with a little of that "LO" concept thrown in for good measure — making it seem/feel good as new ...