Monday, October 24, 2011


Mr. Betty & I took a really great bike ride over the weekend. It was more than we bargained for, actually, in terms of both distance and difficulty. And it wasn't in Newport or New York but in yet another new/old place: New Hampshire, where the day was gray, the foliage was past tense for the most part, we ended up with seriously cold hands & feet (having underestimated the need for gloves and non-mesh footwear), but no matter. It was GREAT. Why? I'm not sure. We'd traveled all the same roads at various points in the past, albeit on four wheels. I guess it's just a case of that age-old notion that one sees different things when crawling at a relative snail's pace (but at least we're still crawling!) up occasionally daunting hills on effectively deserted highways and byways, whatever "byways" are exactly. Honestly, this was such a good ride that even roadside signage struck us as interesting, so much so that we had to consider it in the closest possible detail. One particular sign, a historic marker of sorts, told a whole story: one we found hard to believe (!). Yes, this was just one of those days when even sights & signs bringing to mind the inexorable change of seasons weren't quite as much of a downer as usual ...

FYI: The Betty & Barney site is just past the Indian Head Resort, the "Indian Head" and the "Old Man" being two entirely different spectacles.