Monday, October 31, 2011


The weekend's rain and threat of snow put a real damper on Halloween festivities. Saturday night should have been a big deal, and maybe it was, somewhere, but not for Mr. Betty and me. We did go out — for a wet walk. We even considered going to Rocky Horror, which we've never done (gotta do everything once, right?), but ended up engrossed in drinks and conversation instead, at The Fifth Element. So there it is: another Halloween (and year) in the fuzzy rear view mirror. Almost. I mean, TODAY is the real deal. And TODAY is a real beauty. Not that we've made any preparations beyond my/our usual lame attempts or embraced the spirit in any significant way. Yet ...

In the interest of full disclosure, that jagged (uncomfortable) railing by the seaside isn't Newport. It's Boston. South Boston, to be exact. Castle Island, to be even more exact. And we did NOT end up seeing snow in Newport over the weekend, although it did appear — as creepy as that seems in October — in towns nearby, as evidenced by an image borrowed from a friend on Facebook (Thanks, Toni!).