Thursday, January 7, 2010

dredging site

Not much to say ... and not much time, if I'm being honest, as I have a hair appointment in thirty minutes. Priorities. But I happened upon a cool scene the other day. It was beyond cool, actually; it was freezing. And today is freezing. And that got me thinking — reflecting? — about boats, docks, dredging, and the like. There's some intensive digging going on here ... at the corner of Long Wharf and America's Cup (Perrotti Park), where the fast ferry to/from Providence and cruise ship tenders come and go all summer and fall. Time is of the essence for this digging/dredging/deepening project, as yet another season will be upon us before anyone can blink ... frozen tears.

Yes, it's that cold this morning, as it was that afternoon a few days back. But I'm warmed by the RI state motto (state word?): hope. See it there, on that black bow, above, in tiny letters?? It gives me hope, however small, that the job will get done, whatever job needs to get done. And check out the smooth mirror of still water just below the cracked mirror of frozen water. And that ladder leading down into (up from?) the chilly depths, or soon-to-be depths. Brrrrr. But wait! There's an old, tied-up (tied-down?) speedboat ... still functional, one would hope (hope!), despite age and near-term neglect. It's a classic, to use that Newporty word ascribed to old boats, yachts, "classic yachts" — as opposed to historic, the word ascribed to old houses, homes, "historic homes." It'll work. What's my point? I don't have one, really. Just thinking. Dredging. Surveying a cold-yet-purpose-laden scene ...