Friday, January 8, 2010

change of seasons

It's been a long week full of assorted challenges from within and without ... oh, and emptiness. Newport has gotten noticeably empty with the holidays all wrapped up. After-Christmas sales always generate a certain buzz, then — zzzzzzz — a fair number of enterprises close up for a winter nap. The resulting quiet is nice, I must admit. It's not sleepy, exactly, but it's sleepier. And after an imperfect week (what week is perfect??) that involved a minor amount of yelling (why am I admitting that??), the peace is welcome. I'm exhausted. Yelling and yawning. It never occurred to me that they're related, cyclically, sort of — and in a physical, wide-mouthed, give-me-oxygen kind of way. Really, without a soundtrack, it's hard to tell which is which. They look exactly the same ...

Okay, you tell me ... yawning or yelling??