Thursday, January 28, 2010

gone fishin'

Not really ... I'm not much of a fisherwoman. And that's not a fishing boat, or it's not employed as a fishing boat. It's the vessel "Starfish" (I think), which ferries folks back and forth to/from Rose Island, where you can do a stint as a lighthouse keeper, with all manner of related chores, at any time of year, if that sounds like fun, although the reality of being a lighthouse keeper can't possibly live up to storybook notions — can it?? Important, certainly. Heroic, occasionally. Romantic, maybe, if you're not alone or when the seals stop by to pay their accustomed visits in winter. Deafeningly quiet, definitely. But, more than anything else, the idea of being a lighthouse keeper sounds cold to me right about now ...

Boy — or girl, as you could be either, and I have one of each, neither of whom is at home these days — I do get off-track, sidetracked, distracted, whatever the preferred word. Simply put: I'm taking a day off (today, starting now) ... to do chores, housekeeping, light housekeeping, not to be confused with lighthouse keeping. Egad.