Thursday, July 8, 2010


I dare say it's a little cooler today — hooray. On my way up to Bellevue for a cup of (iced) coffee, I was thinking I've rarely been so pleased to see clouds. Or fog. Or whatever it is. For once, I hope it doesn't burn-off.

I was also thinking about something I miss: the Wednesday evening concerts at the Art Museum. They used to be every Wednesday — there was one last Wednesday — but there wasn't one last night. Instead, there was a dance floor. I checked it out from between the hydrangea bushes, which were looking rather sunburned (burned-out??), very different from last week, when I stood in the same spot listening to the music.

There must be an event at the Art Museum this weekend ...

So many events!! The tennis tournament is ongoing; I spied some players walking along Bellevue yesterday following their matches. I can't imagine playing tennis, let alone competitive tennis, let alone competitive tennis before a significant crowd ... not yesterday (hot), or the day before yesterday (hotter), or any day for that matter.

Then I spied a young man — one of Darling Daughter's former classmates, actually — dressed up as a tennis ball, waving and dancing (to his own music) as traffic passed him by.

Sadly (to my mind), too many visitors miss the Tennis Hall of Fame. They pass right by without considering it a major attraction ... but it's the most amazing structure!! And the museum is way cool, too. Okay, Newport has many structures — and a number of museums — but I'm frequently struck by the intensity of detail and workmanship at the Casino. "They just don't build 'em like they used to, " one could say. Or think, as that's what I was thinking as I peered up at the façade, then in from the shadows, then back outside in the bright, hot world where I stood amid the bustle (and traffic) considering the variety of vehicles one might use to get there ... wherever "there" is.