Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Wouldn't it be great if thinking cool thoughts helped one to stay cool?? It works to a certain extent, i.e., thinking about ice cream or slurping an icy Del's does makes me feel cool ... a little ... for a second ... until reality (triple-digit reality) seeps back in.

What other thoughts to keep cool??
Swimming at Mackerel Cove maybe??
Splashing at Gooseberry Beach maybe??
Watching boats ghost by at Castle Hill maybe??

No, that vast green lawn is pretty hot. It'd be cooler to be aboard the boats passing by ...

I know: SNOW!! I can sit right here without moving a muscle (another way to stay cool) and think about snow. And how different everything looks in snow. And how cool it is to go traipsing about in snow. And how tracks are left in snow ... like the tracks of the rabbits who live in our yard and are utterly comfortable (too comfortable) with our presence. They don't startle; they just keep doing their thing(s). Mr. Betty and I can talk to them, do talk to them, as we all recline — chill?? — in the shade. These bunnies don't run away even when we mow the lawn. We could run right over them. (Are they deaf??)

But, wait, now I'm back to a hot lawn; mowing the lawn is certainly a hot thought. I need to get back to cool thoughts — like waves.

Waves rolling in at First Beach maybe??
Without seaweed preferably??

Which reminds me (now that I've ventured mentally to First Beach, just past the Cliff Walk, without budging from my chair): I got a nice note from someone at Webster Bank who asked me to mention that there will be free ice cream handed out from their "Treats Truck" at the Cliff Walk this Saturday, July 10, from 12 to 2:30 p.m.

Now that's cool ...

Yes, that's the wave statue (with feet buried).