Friday, July 2, 2010


The thread of yesterday (for me) had little to do with the America's Cup ... though I did stroll down the hill to see it. Very impressive!!

It had little to do with the Colonial soldier (a Red Coat??) standing guard ... though I did see him again later at Fort Adams eating potato chips.

Little to do with the pirates milling about ... though I was rather impressed by their whips and cats-o-nine-tails, to which they referred euphemistically as "motivational devices."

Little to do with speeches I overheard from outside the VIP tent ... where I lay on the grass beside my bicycle looking up at the blue-but-increasingly-cloudy sky. (Clouds make things much more interesting, don't they??)

The thread of yesterday had everything to do with all the kids whizzing through the harbor in Optimists and 420s, paying no heed to any of it — let alone two-time Cup defender Intrepid passing behind them — as they were focused on winning their own races.

And everything to do with the triple-tailed kite circling playfully overhead. The guy pulling the strings occasionally (deliberately??) dipped and dragged the tails near the ground, much to the kids' and onlookers' delight ...

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