Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is neither here nor there — nowhere?? — but in a turn of events that feels slightly bizarre or role reversal-ish for whatever reason, Super Son is home this week ... not to be "home," not because he's on vacation, but for a business conference. Newport hosts many such events, but since when is Super Son in attendance?? Honestly, how odd that he left the house this morning in "business casual" attire on our red retro scooter (circa 1986, rescued from Grandma Betty's garage) for some sort of "talk" or "meeting" at a not-so-far-away hotel. He'll be at it all day ... except for a nice long lunchbreak when the plan is for us to pick him up at the dock (along with his boss and his boss's wife) and take them for a boat ride around the harbor just to see what we might see. I've been texted rather specific instructions relating to sandwiches. Then there's some sort of "dinner" this evening.

Wait, this isn't role reversal; this is time reversal. I'm thinking about what Super Son will be eating for lunch (!!). And when I'm supposed to give him a ride (!!). How is it that so much time has passed that he wasn't riding that red scooter to SCHOOL (?!?!).

And in an unrelated — except anything and EVERYTHING is related if you think about it long and hard enough — development, I just opened an email message from the Norman Bird Sanctuary, in between text messages about sandwiches, announcing an outdoor screening of "Nowhere Boy" tomorrow night. Everyone is getting behind this re-emergence of the Newport Film Festival as Newport Film. Maybe I'll suggest it to Super Son. Not because he's a nowhere boy (my little home-for-a-business-conference boy), but because the film, showing at the Tennis Hall of Fame, is about the very early days of The Beatles. It's specifically about John Lennon's coming of age and leaving home ...

It goes that quickly (doesn't it??): 14, 15, 16 ... 42.