Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I was all set to talk (think?) about construction today, as there seems to be so much of it going on around town, and that's what I was thinking about yesterday late-afternoon when I walked in gray drizzle down to the harbor. But then something weird happened: the sun came out (this morning, that is). So, I guess I won't mention how on the way back from King Park, beside the baseball field, after taking note of all the cute (yes, cute) colorful equipment and the profile of the Shipyard in the foggy distance, I saw not one not two but three friends in quick succession. One beeped and waved; that's before it started to rain. One pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. No, thanks; I was already wet. The third not only offered a ride — again, no thanks — but said she was on her way to a wine diva party. A wine diva party?? Neither of us knew what it meant, exactly, but we liked the sound of it. And then this morning, as I said, the sky was (is) blue!! It won't last; the forecast is for rain by this afternoon. But how could I not share my walk up the hill just moments ago under bright (bright) skies with coffee in hand. It gave me such a top-of-the-world (okay, maybe just top-of-the-hill) feeling ...

(Sweepster ... love that ... right there ^^.)