Friday, April 2, 2010

double take

Okay, so I was walking down the street in New York (City) — in the 40s somewhere — with Darling Daughter last week, and I was looking all around, taking in the sights. I can't recall where we were going at that precise moment (typical), but I happened to look up at a nice rooftop bar. We're attuned to rooftop bars. This one wasn't very high, but it was very nice, with a historic-looking pergola structure and rich greenery growing over the rails. The façade beside it — and the tower above it — featured a logo with birds in flight; perhaps that drew my eye. So, I said to Darling Daughter, "Let's remember the name of that hotel." (But I've already forgotten it, and she's gone back to college, so I can't ask her.) Anyway, we kept walking, not too far, and my eyes dropped from the rooftop bar, just a story or two, to where I saw some flags, American among others, one or two being triangular in shape. That looked like home, sort of; there are lots of flags (and triangular burgees) in Newport. Then my eyes dropped a bit more, straining to see behind a FedEx truck: what windows!! (On the building, not the FedEx truck.) All I could think was that they looked like the sterns of ships. Tall Ships. Now it really looked like home. Then, a few steps farther, a doorway — stunning — with the elaborately-carved initials NYYC. Wait, what?!? It was the New York Yacht Club. Of course. But I'd never been there; never seen it. I'm familiar only with Harbour Court, the Newport home of the New York Yacht Club, host of the America's Cup for so many years (centuries??) who no doubt hopes to host it again. We all hope to host the America's Cup again. I was thinking about that as I passed Harbour Court on a bike ride on a bright, lovely day — much like today — a few weeks back. Then, too, I did a double take, as the scene is just so darn beautiful, private or not ...

Now back to Newport:

And the nameless NY hotel/tower with birds on it (beside the yacht club) was unrelated ... pure coincidence.