Monday, April 12, 2010


They're everywhere. And docks are everywhere, though many are still piled up/out of the water in assorted winter positions. That's about to change, of course. Boats are starting — just starting — to appear in the mooring field. But, for the moment, there being so little to look at helps one to look at little things: the bolts, chains, cleats and lines that hold it all together. Or that will hold it together when things get busy again. It'll take some muscle, of course (couldn't resist), to get things the way they should be. And thank goodness for the bumpers, whether in rubber or weathered canvas, that stand ready to soften hard landings. That's all for today. Must tend to life, my loose ends ...

And I'm at a loss to say where to get mussels to eat. No luck on the menus of either The Moorings or Flo's Clam Shack. Any suggestions??