Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shrink wrap

This makes no sense at all — none of this makes any sense at all — but I woke up this morning thinking about shrink wrap. Maybe it was a thought leftover from when I was rummaging around in the freezer last night looking for something to eat. Maybe it's because I read something in The Newport Daily News the other day about an expansion involving new docks and a new lift at the Shipyard, where shrink-wrapped boats/yachts of all sizes have been packed-in all winter long. (Shrink-wrapped boats are packed-in all over these parts, of course.) Who knows?? I do know that the shrink wrap is coming off. Things have thawed. We're all — people, too — finally taking off our winter coats, i.e., it's warm outside. Really warm today. I guess that's all I was driving at .... that and the leftover idea that when Mr. Betty and I were in Boston a month or so ago, on another unseasonably warm sunny day, there was a whole second city of shrink-wrapped boats. Inhabited shrink-wrapped boats. We spent a while wandering around wondering what it would be like to live on a shrink-wrapped boat, looking across at Boston Garden, or whatever it's called these days ... but "Garden" strikes me as just the right name on a day like today, and if you click on the photo (thus making it bigger), you'll see the "Garden" across the way. In any case, one boat in particular caught my/our attention, but I'd forgotten all about it 'til now ... freezers are like that.

Bear in mind, we saw (met?) Nan-Sea in Boston, whereas Janet lives beside Aquidneck Lobster on Bowen's Wharf, just down the street in Newport. And that leads to another thought, of course ... that of boats' being named so frequently for women. And when I think about that, I tend to think of that omnipresent boat beside the outdoor bar at The Newport Harbor Hotel ... a boat that never leaves. Really, it just gets shrink-wrapped for winter and sits, stern-to, for all to see. (Click on "omnipresent boat" if you're curious and scroll down through the winter scene that seems so long ago and far away on this warm spring day.) I mean, what is that guy thinking??

And there is a gull standing there, on Janet's stern, if you look closely, just in case you missed it/him/her ...