Thursday, May 13, 2010

green llama

On my way home one day, walking uphill, up Old Beach — Old Beach Road, that is — I encountered the green llama. I often forget about him (her?), as he's on the backside of the downside of a stone wall that I'm usually viewing from the opposite direction. He's one of several topiary sculptures, with his pals the lion and the rhino, just yards from the cool driftwood giraffe who makes me smile every time I stop at that stop sign in my car ... but even moreso when I'm on foot, looking at him closely, considering his perspective. Where did he come from?? What beach?? Does he want to get out from behind the wall?? Where would he go?? Back to the beach?? I know, that's silly ... so what??

And on this particular day, a sunny day (like today), I visited the garden behind the wall, as there was a sign offering dahlias for sale. I didn't need or want any dahlias — I don't have a green thumb (let alone a green llama), though dahlias are pretty easy; I have had success with dahlias. But what fun do go inside and see how gardening is really done ... it takes tools. Planning. Preparation. Patience. And maintenance (like most things). I didn't learn anything specific. Didn't buy any dahlias. I did look at the giraffe and his sidekick from a new angle. It almost looked like they were posing, although I know they weren't ... just rather stiff.

FYI — There are some serious topiaries at Green Animals in Portsmouth ...