Monday, May 17, 2010


What a weekend: glorious weather, both kids home. We even got out on the water. But first, on Saturday, I crossed the bridge — lots of bridges, actually, as well as several states — to retrieve Darling Daughter from college. It was a long day, a great day, with music cranked-up (loudly) the whole way. For whatever reason, wherever it came from, Creedence Clearwater Revival was in the cd-player as I embarked, and those 20 tracks (20 tracks!!) got me many miles along the road before I switched to NPR, just in time for Car Talk. Click 'n Clack crack me up. So I sang and laughed my way back to college, where Darling Daughter sat waiting and ready and all-packed-up. We made quick work of it ... got everything stuffed in the car in 45 minutes with many trips up-and-down the dorm stairway (she lived on the top floor, as did I), during which time I was time-traveling up-and-down my own dorm stairway (how could I not??), then we turned around and drove all the way home (back to the future??), just in time for a sunset cruise through the harbor and bay with Super Son and a gang of friends who were home for the weekend for a high school reunion. Whew. There were so many encounters (more than I count) and sights rushing past — including the lawns of Harbour Court, once the summer home of John Nicholas Brown, and Hammersmith Farm with its guesthouse/lighthouse where JFK and Jackie O spent time as a young couple — that I don't know where to begin, so I think I'll just end ... with a quick nod to the unsung value of moorings and cleats and the notion that there's so much water under the bridge at this point.