Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Fact is: there were mixed messages going on along Esplanade ... that little side-street in Middletown where I parked myself and my bicycle and trespassed on private property, wittingly or unwittingly. When I looked more closely, it appeared to be a perfectly legitimate way to approach the shore. If I stuck to the edge, that is; if I refrained from sitting in other people's chairs.

These Shoreline Public Access points are numerous; some in great places. And not just for fishing. As I continued on my bike ride around Tuckerman, I saw two more such entry points — very inviting! Okay, one was less inviting than the other, but I checked them both out (of course). Despite a few scratches and some mildly-rough footing, it was worth it in the end ...

Oops, someone lost a hat ... right there ... look up ^^.

Unrelated thought (though they're all related somehow): Esplanade, the oceanside street in Middletown, always brings to mind that riverside stretch of green in Boston where I spent so much time way back when ...

So I couldn't resist looking up "esplanade" (on dictionary.com):

es·pla·nade (ěs'plə-näd', -nād')
n. A flat open stretch of pavement or grass, especially one designed as a promenade along a shore.

[French, from Italian spianata, from spianare, to level, from Latinexplānāre, to make plain; see explain.]