Monday, May 24, 2010


Monday, Monday ... and it's a beauty. But there are so many things to do — and I have so much catching up to do after a busybusy weekend (and in general) — that there's really nothing to say. Or no time to say it. No time even to think about it. I have to get myself in gear this morning (and in general). Honestly, it's amazing how fast and how much time has gone by. I mean, I remember seeing Jaws for the first time, soooo long ago (circa 1975), and being scared out of my wits. I also remember Darling Daughter seeing Jaws for the first time, and that was long ago. She, too, was scared out of her wits. Who wasn't?? Really, does anyone ever swim in the ocean without, at some level, thinking about Jaws?? That has nothing do with anything, of course ... except it's amazing to the point of pain to think about time. Good thing summer is approaching; so many things are cropping up, pointing up, even looking up. At long last, the harbor is filling up. Other things are always up, or so we hope, like Trinity steeple, which reminds me: What exactly is that gilded image way up on top?? A burgee of sorts?? That asked, but not answered — although I did just (as in moments ago) learn that the man who built Trinity was named Munday, an interesting finding on a Monday, though I guess the chances were one in seven — I have nothing to say today. Except it really is astounding about time and how things change. But they don't, not really. Everything just keeps cycling/spinning/churning around again. I guess that's what we call seasons. Or maybe life. Jaws of life? How deep.