Tuesday, February 2, 2010


There's always that question: How to live peacefully and productively, and in relative order, within one's environment. To get the most out of everything without compromising anything. Sometimes the quest/question stares you in the face; other times, it's more subtle. But it's always there, has always been there, for everyone, everywhere, over time ... it's really what we do from day to day, isn't it??

Also, we (or I, taking it down a notch) don't tend to notice things until we see them again and again and again, and images of the same ol' things accrue and accrue and accrue. Driving out "the back way" — along Paradise to Green End and beyond, as I did yesterday and last week and countless times before that, to run errands I won't pretend to remember — I guess I was thinking about that.

Thinking about what?? I realize I'm making zero sense this morning ...

It's just that it seems so imperative, even in our own teeny-weeny environments — individual islands — to be aware of the bigger picture, and our impact on the bigger picture, and both the possibility and necessity of keeping immediate interests in balance with whatever lies ahead. To see stuff.

There's even beauty in the balance, and in the balancing act — isn't there?? But it's easy to miss it in the daily busyness/business of going full speed ahead ...