Friday, February 19, 2010

summer games

Oops, wrong season — but I was walking past Cardines Field yesterday, one of the oldest baseball parks in the nation (and a great place to catch both baseball and sunset from the top tier of wooden bleachers), and I could almost feel the buzz, hear the announcer, see Gully ... the mascot for the Newport Gulls. Almost but not quite. When I peered through the fence, a lone coyote was the only player on the field, his game being to discourage geese from establishing residence. He's doing a good job, though the geese didn't go far: just a few blocks (perhaps they walked) to another park beside the Goat Island Causeway, where they enjoy a lovely, off-season view ...

I will attempt to find/add an image of Gully the gull — at spring training perhaps?? — but this peaceful-looking couple will have to suffice in the meantime.