Monday, February 15, 2010

weird light

Too much to say, too much to think about, too little time ... today. But, as I've said (ad nauseam), it's not all about blue skies (is it??). Interesting stuff results — or becomes visible, at least — when skies are gray, making life seem gray, and it gets you/me thinking about all the layers that blur into each other day after day after day as the days become less distinct from one another and new days and events keep coming and coming and coming and it's easy to wonder what were we thinking of and looking for anyway ... when suddenly out of the clear blue or gray sky, as the case may be, and gray water — as the water reflects the color of the sky, essentially (doesn't it??), which makes a whole lot of sense, especially when seas are calm, lying flat like a mirror — something colorful crops up and makes you/me cock our heads and look at things a bit differently, if fleetingly, not in a new light exactly, as it's hard to see or think anything new, but in a weird light, if you catch my drift ...

More on beach polo (on a gray day, on Second Beach) tomorrow. It was the coolest thing — something new! — Mr. Betty and I had seen in a long while.