Friday, February 26, 2010


It's downright inhospitable ... the weather, I mean ... especially for a tourist town. Enough with the dripping and/or sleeting sound effects on windows and from eaves and the icy smear — currently a snowy smear — on the skylight over my/our kitchen sink. I want to look up from my dirty dishes to the promise of blue. I want to drive (to the beach, maybe??) without the rhythmic slapping of windshield wipers interfering with the groove of the music. I want to walk without my vision-limiting hood up and get wherever I'm going (to the nearest coffee shop, maybe??) without soaked, freezing shoes. I want to see clearly; not through or at a tangle of dormant vines. What's more, it's the weekend (almost). Might a bit of blue — so I can stop feeling blue — be in the offing?? Maybe?? Please??