Tuesday, February 9, 2010

looking up

The sky may be blue — a nice thing after a prolonged crabby spell — but the world, here and everywhere, seems so messed up lately: torn, tangled, stuck, off-kilter, lagging (flagging?), upside-down. Okay, none of these/those flags is upside down, quite, although the stars & stripes are trying, and it does strike me as odd that the top flag, the blue one, broadcasts the flag-flyer's ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) when it's flying freely — important, certainly, but is the ESOP of greater significance than national or statewide pride, as represented by the flags beneath?? Perhaps (especially to the employees, especially in this political/economic climate), and I know next-to-nothing about flag-flying etiquette — and, hey, it's not my flagpole — but the question of priorities, the degree of tangle and that tilting angle do make me feel dizzy if not slightly unmoored as I stand — head back, looking up — outside The Mooring (Restaurant), where this lovely flagpole-in-need-of-attention is situated. It's standing perfectly upright, by the way; it's my perspective that's off-kilter. And it's impossible to be "slightly unmoored," nautically speaking; you're either moored, or you're not. So, I guess I'm still moored, if dragging anchor, just a bit, not sure where I'll end up, as everywhere I look this morning, it seems something is missing or not-quite-right. I don't know the whole story ... of the flags, certainly, and also of that curiously squat steeple on Clarke Street (below). Don't know which way to turn ... despite the alternatives so clearly presented from atop the red-roofed Red Parrot, previously The Ark (for those who remember it, way back when). Don't know how to keep the near-term and farther-term in simultaneous focus ... which seems to occur, however miraculously, through my camera's eye if not my own eyes (reading glasses having become a necessity on top of contact lenses for distance). I have no answers whatsoever, for anything ... least of all why the moon shines (reflects?) so prettily at mid-day, why I don't notice it more often, and why I miss so many other things day-after-day. Oh, it's just one of those days. But, despite the incessant questions and mess and non-stop tangles competing for attention, it does seem — somehow — that things are looking up ...

That was such gibberish — sorry — but how about that moon??