Wednesday, February 10, 2010

local color

Empty? Maybe.
Gray? Maybe.
But gray is a color, too.

And gray makes the colorful colors more apparent, when they appear — doesn't it?? What an absurdly sunny rationalization on a gray day with snowflakes just starting to fall, adding a brighter color to this muted palette. Or, wait, is white the absence of color (and does snow erase the colors)?? Hmm, let me think ... but why??

The snow will change to sleet and rain,
turning the white to gray again.
Skies can't always be blue.

And scenery can't always be beautiful — although King Park on a winter weekday with no kids or picnickers or baseball players or bench-sitters or musicians or brides posing on the bandstand is weirdly or not-so-weirdly beautiful. Gray emptiness must be meaningful, even colorful. If nothing else, it's enlivening (what could be more meaningful than that??) to see the change, to mix things up ...

He was just so colorful, I couldn't resist — and can't you hear him?? Gray waves lapping at his silly orange feet??