Thursday, March 25, 2010

big city

Stuff looks different up close. Bigger?? Smaller?? I'm not sure; it's just different. There's less perspective, or a different perspective, or something ... and that's so totally obvious it's an utter(ed) absurdity. In any case, I certainly enjoyed the view from the partially-open rooftop bar where I sipped a beer lateafternoon/earlyevening yesterday just as the sun was starting to drop but still doing its warm, bright lateafternoon/earlyevening thing. I enjoyed the view of rooftop water tanks, too. A whole wide world of water tanks. That said — and because all this talk of cities other than Newport is starting to make this/me a case of false advertising — there's much warmth and brightness going on in Newport, too, as I noted on a walk, before we left, down to the reservoir (our collective water tank??), across from First Beach, where I really miss walking along the raised embankment now that all the bridges have been removed. Wherever we're walking (you and me, I mean), on whatever day (as it always seems to happen all in one day), it's amazing to see/feel the special warmth and brightness of latewinter/earlyspring ... isn't it?? Somehow, I tend to forget about spring; it's always a surprise, i.e. WOW, COOL, LOOK, as if we all hadn't seen flora and fauna do their respective things any numbers of times before. But in these/those first days of spring — and up close — it's just different. Gotta love different.