Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's hard to separate anything, anything, from its surroundings. And maybe that makes everything, everything, more interesting. Just a thought (a needless one). But having griped, however mildly, about the grandeur of Boston's Traffic Tunnel Administration Building yesterday, it occurred to me to look up and see that there are plenty of domes — and even more steeples — in Newport, too, each reaching and/or making a statement in its own way. That was my mission (excuse??) for walking around town yesterday (a great day): just to look up ... at the gleaming gold screaming "Look at me!" (sort of) from atop the Court House, City Hall and that truly cool nestled/domestic onion dome (yes, an onion dome) on Old Beach Road. Then some verdigris caught my eye — on St. Paul's Church and the St. Clare Home — and I decided I'm partial to green, weathered green, for whatever reason, as it just seems warmer, more grounded, alive, even as it fades, blends, standing out softly, never overpowering, rather like coloring-within-the-lines, reading-between-the-lines, enough (!!), although I could go on and on, and please don't let me get started on antennas, chimneys, weathervanes and so many bare, brown trees ...

One of these/those rooftops is the Traffic Tunnel Administration Building (I'm still, still, thinking of Boston) — care to guess which one??