Wednesday, March 17, 2010


If only today were St. Patrick's Day. Wait, it is St. Patrick's Day. But the parade took place on Saturday, in the pouring rain, so that was effectively St. Patty's (Paddy's??) Day in Newport.

I did go to the parade ... for twenty minutes, tops.

I ran — because I was late, could hear the bands, sirens, didn't want to miss the whole thing — down the hill and stood across from the Seamen's Church Institute (do click, as it's important). There I could see/watch what passed by: some great floats, aptly-named, with all aboard in colorful rain ponchos. Bagpipers, too, in ponchos (and kilts, of course) but still marching. Vehicles of all kinds — I love that about a parade, i.e., anything goes. It seemed a bit backward, almost sad, with more people in the parade than on the sidelines, but those watching were soaking it all in. Really. Thank goodness for the clowns; they kept spirits from being totally dampened, though it was raining on their parade, too.

And the bars, speaking of spirit(s), were packed — O'Brien's, Buskers and The Fastnet (do click, as it lends flavor), in particular. But I was all wet. My feet, more than anything. So back up the hill I ran ...