Tuesday, March 30, 2010


omg TOO MUCH WATER everywhere including IN THE BASEMENT so i've got to make this quick but WANT TO SAY that waves and all these rainy days ARE SO RELENTLESS the way they keep rolling in ONE AFTER ANOTHER which is totally mesmerizing IF YOU'RE SURFING or swimming or paddling (the latest thing) or EVEN JUST WATCHING the rhythmic undulations but right now STANDING ANKLE DEEP in my basement lake with sump pump cranking and wet-vac in hand YET BASICALLY POWERLESS is not really much fun at all and another heavy DOWNPOUR IS HAPPENING at this very moment so the water TABLE WILL RISE even higher and i really wish i were ankle-deep AT THE BEACH on a warm sunny summer day WATCHING WAVE ACTION but i'm not so that's ALL FOR TODAY and good luck to everyone staying dry SAFE AND AFLOAT wherever you are ...

... remember that SIMILARLY CRAZY WEATHER way back in December??