Friday, March 19, 2010


Yes, I know: it's over. St. Patrick's Day, that is. So it's lame for me to say/suggest one more thing about "green" ... totally old hat. Truth is I'm not in Newport this morning — which matters to no one but me and Mr. Betty (and Darling Daughter, on break from college, still asleep at the hotel). I'm sitting in a coffee shop in another beautiful old waterfront city farther North (as our hotel wanted to charge extra for wi-fi, and that's really lame) and thinking about how much different homes/cities have in common. I mean, there's difference (and novelty, everywhere); but there's also sameness (like coffee shops, and the lighthouse I can see poking up from that great expanse of blue water spreading itself out before me), and that's nice.

That said, now I'm wondering why I'm here — not philosophically, but in the coffee shop, when I should be out exploring. That's the lamest thing of all. So, in the interest of brevity and directness (for a change), here's how it started (click on highlighted type) — why I'm here.

Just in case you wanted to know ...